How to Get Your New Registration

If you want to change your license plate then it is important to renew it annually. You can also use your current plate if it is still valid. However, to legally drive a car you need a new license plate. On este link  are a few important things to know about license plate Renewal.

Non-use status - When you get a new license plate you should surrender it to the DMV and keep the old one on your vehicle. This is called a non-use status. The sticker on your license plate doesn't match the expiration date on the registration left in your glove box. If it's more than a year old then it must be surrendered because it is not allowed on your vehicle unless you have it registered. It is illegal to drive a non-user vehicle without one of these special plates. They are issued only for cars that are driven for business purposes.

Proof of ownership - Before license plate renewal you will need to provide the DMV with proof of ownership. This includes proof of vehicle ownership, proof of insurance and an odometer certificate. All of these items are legal requirements. You cannot move until all of these items are verified. The copies of these items must go to the DMV in order to complete the rest of your registration process.

Changing your vehicle - There are some circumstances where you can change your vehicle registration renewals. If you transfer ownership of a vehicle from one person to another, or if you are purchasing a used vehicle you can replace the current license plate number with a new one. Another option is to add a more current registration number to an already active plate. If you plan to sell your vehicle or trade it in you can renew it with a current, legally-required number.

Renewal by debit card - You can also apply for a license plate renewal by debit card. For this process you will be able to purchase a temporary paperless license plate number at any office that offers the services of the DMV. Once you have your card and PIN (personalized credit card) you can complete the remainder of the renewal process online. You will be required to answer a few questions about your current driver information and then print out your final confirmation pagina.

Military personnel stationed overseas - If you are a military member or a member of the armed forces you may want to check with your commanding officer to find out if they offer license plate renewals by mail. Many times these cards can be obtained by printing out the application form that can be forwarded via regular mail. If you are currently on active duty you should check with your commanding officer before mailing in your renewal request so that you are not charged the regular military rate. Many military bases require you to renew your vehicle registration annually. Check out more details related to this post at